Audials One 3

Audials One 3 leverages the innovative, multiple-award-winning solutions Radiotracker 5 , Videoraptor and Tunebite 6 to legally bring you a never-ending supply of free music and videos and free you forever from frustrating copy-protection and file-format problems. Find out why Audials One is the No. 1 master of free entertainment for users around the world. An endless supply of free music and videos. Freedom from copy-protection and file-format hassles. 

Your daily free-music fix!

The Audials One MusicFinder brings you an unlimited supply of your favorite music - automatically recorded from 15,000 Internet radio stations. Simply enter a music title or artist and the music you want lands on your hard disk. It's that easy! Need a comprehensive collection of 70s music for your next party? Simply select the corresponding music genre and click on Start. And if the music you're looking for isn't among the over 100,000 artists listed in the Audials One database of regularly-played music, you can use the Audials One Internet meta-search engine to locate and download the MP3s you want. 

Audials One: Free videos by the truckload!

The Internet is jammed full of millions of videos - there's always something for every taste! No more logging into Internet sites! No more waiting for an eternity! The Audials One meta-search engine is directly integrated with more than 30 of the Internet's best video and entertainment portals. Just enter your passion, download and enjoy! And it doesn't end there... After your videos have been downloaded, built-in format conversion technology automatically converts them into the optimal formats for your mobile phone or MP4 player!

Freedom from copy-protection and file-format hassles!

Be free to play your music, audio books and videos on all of your mobile devices without copy-protection headaches! Audials One permanently and legally breaks the chains of DRM copy protection by re-recording your music files and video clips at turbo speed - and at the highest digital quality. 

Audials One also comes with a profile editor that is sure to please every digital-media technophile. Intuitively define profiles that use the 30 built-in audio and video format converters to automatically output the formats required by your mobile devices. Play your music, audio books and videos on mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, PDAs, PSPs and auto radios - always with the optimal resolution and format. 

The ultimate in free-entertainment software, super-charged with powerful extras 

With the built-in media player in Audials One, you can listen to Web radio stations, play videos and MP3 music, burn CDs and transfer music and videos to MP3 players and mobile phones. Its integrated ID3-tag editor populates all the tags for your music and even retrieves CD cover artwork and lyrics from the Internet. A ring-tone generator is also on board: turn downloaded music into free mobile phone ring tones in just 3 steps! Buy now! 

A full range of functions, unparalleled convenience 

Built-in media player for playing back recorded MP3 files and listening to Internet radio stations
Recording filter and sorting functions
Automatic normalization of recorded music to a uniform, configurable volume that matches your entire music collection
Automatic fade-in and fade-out of music recorded from Internet radio stations
Audio studio for the manual post-processing of MP3 track transitions
Synchronization functions for transferring music and video files to mobile devices like MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. 

Transform your chaotic music collection into a well-organized, full-blown music library

Audials One helps you whip your existing music collection - including music tracks that have been retrieved from the Internet with Audials One - into tip-top shape. Its state-of-the-art search technology identifies missing ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics for every MP3 music track in your collection and automatically retrieves them from the Internet. An ID3-tag editor then lets you post-process tags to suit your individual needs. 

Added bonus: Tap into an endless supply of podcast entertainment

Podcasts are Internet-based audio and video broadcasts you can access on demand. The Audials One Podcatcher automates the process of retrieving podcasts from the Internet and delivering them directly to your Windows PC, mobile phone or PDA. With Audials One, you get fast, direct access to the podcasts that fit your taste. Its continuously updated podcast database lets you choose from tens of thousands of podcasts categorized by type (audio or video), language and subject, and start enjoying them even while they're still downloading. Its intuitive search lets you quickly locate and subscribe to interesting and entertaining podcasts that are automatically updated with the latest episodes. Test it now, free! 

And still more: Turn your favorite music into free ring tones for your mobile phone

Audials One brings you a never-ending supply of your favorite music and current chart hits - all totally free and in MP3 format. With its convenient ring-tone editor, you can quickly and easily turn this ocean of MP3 music into personalized ring tones you can transfer to your mobile phone via cable or WAP. Support for the standard ring-tone formats MP3, AMR and MMF is included. 

Need your music on disk? Just burn and go!

Rounding out the extras in Audials One is a convenient CD-burning function. Multiple CDs can be burned at the same time in a variety of different formats. 

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